All businesses, regardless of their size or purpose, face cyber threats. As a result, establishing solid digital security is a crucial aspect of operations. Enhanced security measures protect customers and clients, but they also safeguard your business’s reputation, which may take a hit after a damaging breach. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your enterprise from online risks. 

3 Ways to Establish Strong Digital Security

How to Create a Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Business

1. Identify Risks

Understanding which assets are most likely to be sought after will help you implement the proper protections. If you’re a retail establishment, hackers may target customer names and payment information. You may also have valuable trade secrets or proprietary information that would be useful to competitors. Hackers may also look for personal information like Social Security numbers for identity theft.

2. Use Strong Passwords

Currently, the best passwords are at least 8 characters long contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Words and phrases should not include identifying characteristics, such as the names of loved ones. Instead, encourage employees to use random words. Some organizations may require that passwords be changed every three months, and previously used phrases should not be allowed. Additionally, IT services, such as the Website and Email, should block access to sites after multiple incorrect login attempts.

How to Create a Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Business

3. Update Local & Server Software

App updates provide solutions for bugs, help increase performance, and may include new features. They also offer enhanced security protection against new types of malware and viruses. New cyber threats are introduced regularly, and frequent updates prevent novel threats from damaging your workstations, servers, your network, and any equipment on it. Updates for workstations, printers, and most network equipment may be as simple as setting up automatic updates. If you do not want them to interfere with operations, you can schedule the updates to occur overnight. Make sure to ask your hosting company about updates to the software running your Website, Email, and DNS. Find out if they are including software updates for security updates, bug fixes, performance, and new features.  You may also want to ask if the running Operating System is updated as well, and how often updates are performed.

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