Whether you are a contractor or run a restaurant, it is crucial to have a Website. Having a Website allows customers to interact with you. A Website is a long-term investment, and if you are working with a web consultant, you should ask some important essential questions about development. 


What Should You Ask Your Web Consultant?


What kind of websites have you created?

A developer who has completed projects similar to yours is going to deliver the best website. They understand the functional needs of sites like yours and the interaction your demographic requires. For example, they can create a web design that showcases available properties on a realtor’s website.

What services do you provide?

Begin by asking about design. Ask the web consultant if they offer copywriting, graphic design, and coding in-house. Check if they use templates or build custom sites from scratch so that you know how many creative opportunities you will have.

You should also discuss digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that helps boost your website ranking. Professionals will work with you to find keywords related to your business to use in your Website’s copy so that you start to appear higher in search engine results.


What assets do you need from me?

The web consultant will require information to move forward. They will require contact information and copy for pages that include information about your business and services. They may also require professional photographs and video assets. The sooner you deliver, the sooner they can get started. Make sure you are available to answer questions so that there are not any delays.

Will the website be mobile-friendly?

Mobile E-Commerce will grow as more and more people shop on their phones and tablets. In the next few years, nearly 73% of people will use the internet on their mobile devices. Ask the web consultant if the website will be user-friendly. Make sure they can handle SEO on these versions so that you rank highly.


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